North Carrick Communities Arts Trail

CRAG Community Arts SCIO have been awarded the contract to deliver the North Carrick Communities Arts Trail, with Bruce 750 themed sculptures across Bruce’s Web, a project commissioned by NCCBC. The trail which will consist of nine sculptures with augmented reality content will traverse North Carrick travelling from Turnberry in the south, to Dunure in the North, and east to Straiton. Alongside the trail, visitors to the trail will download a phone app with augmented reality elements including a game play element; where you can experience Bruce weaving his way across Carrick once more. 


With the Maybole sculpture already under construction, the remaining eight sculptures will be designed through a consultation process with each of the North Carrick communities.


This process has already started with CRAG artist David Powell – known for his Culzean and Rozelle steel and willow sculptures – visiting each of the six primary schools to discuss the Bruce 750 project while providing an insight to his own work practice as an artist. 



The project is designed to celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the birth of King Robert the Bruce; as well as the communities in which the work will be sited. Young artists from each school are working in groups or individually to produce their own designs of a potential sculpture inspired by historical events and items associated with the Bruce, or their community. The artwork could well be modern or traditional in form. The new pieces will have an expected lifespan of 25 years; causing some excitement amongst the children! “I will be 35!”- piped up one the children at a school assembly; this will be a legacy  of the Bruce 750 project that the children can pass down to the next generation and perhaps beyond!


With the CRAG Arts team are working with each of the schools to assist them in the initial design process; researching ideas and then producing 2D and 3D concepts from February to March. This is an exciting opportunity for our young folk to take part in a project that will enhance the experience both residents and visitors coming to our area; allowing them to follow in the footsteps of the Bruce and learn more about our community in the 21st century.


At the end of the ongoing design process period the community consultation will be held; this when locals can decide which design they would like to be made into a finished work. And that is the exciting bit – for at the moment no one knows what the work will be, or what our budding young artists will produce! How big? How small? What will they be made of? Just some of the questions that folk are asking; but as our young artists will be busy designing over the next few weeks – the answer can only be – Who knows? 


Likewise, the augmented reality content will be determined by the sculpture designs with AR providing locals and visitor alike with the opportunity  to experience Bruce in a way not yet experienced! With the design team building in gameplay for the phone app; weaving history and technology together into a unique North Carrick experience!



The proposed dates for community consultations to be held in community halls and spaces is 23rd – 24th of March so keep an eye open for updates on the project via our social media and that of NCCBC (@Improving North Carrick)

These dates are you chance to have a say on the sculpture in your community!


For further info on the project please contact David at

Photo of David at his workshop:

Meet the Ayrshire artist who brought Shrek and other fairytale characters alive through willow - Daily Record

Some of the children’s ideas below!





Celebrate King Robert the Bruce with us!

North Carrick Celebrates Bruce!

Starting this summer until the end of next year North Carrick will be celebrating the 750th Anniversary of the birth of King Robert the Bruce. The big anniversary falls on 11th July 2024, with our main event planned for Saturday 13th 2024 July in Carrick’s ancient capital, Maybole! Our programme of events will see exciting things going on in North Carrick throughout the year, starting from 1 year to go! Our 2023 Heritage Day will take place on 15th July this year, with something for everyone! Maybole’s Glebe will play host to an arena, music stage, countless stalls and food vendors, as well as plenty of medieval themed activities for our young people to enjoy; including archery and traditional calligraphy! Music from Clann An Drumma and the Glenpark Ceilidh Band will ring through the field! You can enjoy donuts, ice cream and coffee; keeping you fuelled while you enjoy demonstrations from local dog agility champions, and the wonderful History Matters who will be bringing our rich history to life! As well as live entertainment there will be plenty of fun activities to keep you busy, from fun fair rides like ‘the Miami’ to opportunities to try archery, axe throwing and weaving! Follow us on social media where we will be posting fun facts about Robert the Bruce, and all the updates on our future events!
This project is being delivered by NCCBC’s Events Development Team with funding from NCCBC, Maybole Regeneration Project and the Scottish Government. 

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Evolution of North Carrick Youth Strategy

This report was produced by CEIS as part of NCCBC’s Foundations for Recovery Programme.

View the report here.

Designs for Kennedy Park Improvements

The document below includes proposed improvements to Kennedy Park to improve the experiences of both residents and visitors. This work was conducted by ARPL as part of NCCBC’s Foundations for Recovery Programme.


View ARPL’s Report here



Dunure Heritage Centre – Designs & Report

This document contains an overview of the work conducted by ARPL in relation to a new Heritage Centre in Dunure, as part of the Foundations for Recovery Programme. 

The report includes:

Design Drawings
Elemental specification
Cost estimates

View the report here.

Dunure Castle Report

This document contains work conducted by ARPL as part of the Foundations for Recovery Programme.

The Dunure Castle Structural Survey includes information on the following:

Structural Condition Review
Conservation Philosophy

Significance of Dunure castle and Dovecot
Conservation Maintenance Strategy
Site and building details
Building description and history

Condition of Building Fabric
Structural Survey – Engineer’s assessment
Photographs of current conditions
Recommended conservation and repairs – Architect and Structural Engineer
General maintenance recommendations
Current Record Drawings 2022

View the report here.

Click below to view the appendices relating to Dunure Castle below.

Appendix B1.2 Dunure Castle Archaeology 2000

Appendix B1.3 Dunure Castle WOSAS Site Report 1

Appendix B1.4 Dunure Castle WOSAS Site Report 2

Appendix B2 Dunure Castle Structural Report

Appendix B3 Dunure Castle Archive References


Dunure Harbour Report

This work was conducted by ARPL as part of NCCBC’s Foundations for Recovery Programme.

Click the links below to view the reports:



See below appendices relating to Dunure Harbour.

Appendix A1 – Dunure Harbour Archaeology

Appendix A2 Dunure Harbour Structural Report

Appendix A3 Dunure Harbour Ecology

Appendix A4 Scottish Lime Centre Report

Appendix A5 HES and Harbour Trust Consultation

Appendix A6.1 Archive Feasibility Study

Appendix A6.2 R Storrie History

Appendix A6.3 Halcrow Breakwater

Appendix A6.4 Harbour Geological Assessment 2


Foundations for Recovery – Dunure Projects Summary

This work was conducted by ARPL as part of NCCBC’s Foundations for Recovery Programme.

The Dunure overview document by ARPL Architects includes:

2.1 Description
2.2 Asset Audit
2.3 Gap Analysis
2.4 Village Strategy
2.5 Dunure Harbour and Lighthouse
2.6 Heritage Centre
2.7 Kennedy Park
2.8 Kennedy Hall
2.9 Dunure Castle

View the report here: ARPL – Dunure Report

Dunure Kennedy Hall Report

The below documents includes information and drawings relating to proposals for the Kennedy Hall as part of the work conducted by ARPL within NCCBC’s Foundations for Recovery Programme.

.1 Description
.2 As Existing Plan
.3 As Existing photographs
.4 As Proposed option 1 Holiday Cottage
.5 As proposed option 2 Workshops
.6 Outline Elemental Specification
.7 Project Costs

View the report here.