COP26 Community Benefit Challenge

COP26 Community Benefit Challenge

Scottish Power are inviting community groups eligible to apply to ScottishPower Renewables’ community benefit funds across the UK to bring forward Net Zero initiatives for the chance to access additional funding through the COP26 Community Benefit Challenge. Depending on the value of the initiative, ScottishPower Renewables will award up to £5,000 towards the best idea! 💚♻️

The funders are looking for applications showing:

  • The applicant and their contact details
  • The details of the proposed Net Zero initiative
  • Who this will benefit in their community
  • How much it will cost to deliver
  • Timescales for delivery

Further information is available to read on their website or you can direct any questions you may have to 😃



View the PDF poster here: COP26 Comp poster A3 V2